I created several display boards for use during 2001: A Space Odyssey displays. The boards were first used at the Egyptian Theater event in December 2001. They have also been used several times since then, such as with Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea, and at the ArcLight Theater Cinerama presentation. The boards also include a large representation of the 2001 Timeline, but those boards are not reproduced here. The timeline is available through the link to the right.

Display Board 1.

Display Board 2.

Display Board 3.

Note Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood signatures.

Display Board 4.

Display Board 5.

Display Board 6.

Display Board 7 (left) contains images from various companies that used imagery from 2001 during the actual year 2001 for their products and services. Both NASA and the European Space Agency used Space Odyssey names when referring to missions flown that year.


One very special piece of memoribillia I own is from the late 1970s. It is shown in the photo above, and can also be seen on display board 7 at middle left. HAL Communications was a computer company that catered to hobbyists prior to the advent of personal home computers in the 1980s. Too bad they did not survive until 2001 so we could have seen what their latest model computer might have looked like! Also note where their company was located.

This image was given to me by Dennis Gilliam and shows a scene from the movie that was not used from the space station sequence. The reason Dennis was kind enough to give me this photo is that it contains an X-15. See the enlargement of the office window below.

There are several things of special note in this unusual photo. First is obviously the black Orion shuttle. At the right of the photo is a large delta-wing craft, possibly a mothership for the Orion, but never used in the movie. A third craft is on the shelf to the left of the words "Space Station 5." This is an X-15, although it appears that the upper stabilizer has been removed. You can also see three astronauts in Moon suits next to the X-15.


Another notable addition is that along the front of the hotel manager's desk are seven acrylic cases that appear to have lunar samples in them, such as the rocks returned by Apollo astronauts. Since this scene was filmed long before Apollo 11 ever landed, it is interesting to note that Kubrick had the number of Apollo landing missions correct, if only Apollo 13 had landed, too! Was Kubrick a friend of H.G. Wells and borrowed his time machine to gather information for his ground-breaking movie? A very bizarre coincidence.