The LACMA Kubrick exhibit had rooms set aside for each of his movies, but by far the largest area was devoted to his masterwork, "2001: A Space Odyssey." Below are photos of some of the items on exhibit which included models, replicas, artwork, costume designs, and behind-the-scenes photographs.

The main exhibit room for 2001: A Space Odyssey features a 15-foot model of the Discovery created by Scott Alexander at Atomic City.

Science fiction author and scientist Arthur C. Clarke with filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.

A test outside the Borehamwood Studios of a floating version of the famour Monolith.

The film opens in 4,000,000 BC. The Dawn of Man sequence was all filmed on this interior set. The African backdrop is provided by front-projected 8x10 plate photos.

The Star Child model used at the end of the film.

Control room set design not used in the final film. Note the Honeywell display screens in front of each position.

Kubrick directs the scene where Heywood Floyd (William Sylvester) is uncomfortably speaking with Russian scientists in the Space Station V lounge.

Design for a portable computer in the year 2001.

Several of the bizarre seats used in the Space Station sequence. These same chairs can be seen during our Egyptian Theater display in the year 2001.

A guest at the Kubrick exhibit checks out a wall of costume design drawings.

Artwork and the finished product for a futuristic watch with a built-in calendar that was used in 2001.

Moonwatcher's man-ape suit worn by Daniel Richter during the Dawn of Man segment at the beginning of the film. The legend is that these suits were so realistic that when it came time to hand out make-up nominations for the Academy Awards in 1968, 2001 was not nominated, but Planet of the Apes was (and it won the Oscar). Many thought the actors in 2001 were real apes!

A Pan Am flight attendent (left) and a receptionist from Space Station V (right), flank an astronaut wearing the Moonsuit aboard the Space Station lounge set.

The silver Moonsuit used at Clavius Base.

The Moonbus flies over lunar terrain on its way to the TMA-1 site.

Moonbus engines throttle up on final approach.

The Moonbus makes its descent to the TMA-1 support base.

A photograph of the studio model of the Moonbus used during special effects.

A model of the innovative Discovery centrifuge set.

Another view of the primary exhibit room shown in the first photo at the top of the page.

The color-coded spacesuits in the Pod Bay racks.

A Polaroid of trying on a spacesuit helmet inside the set of HAL's computer core.

Dennis Gilliam's red spacesuit helmet has a video screen installed to mimic Dave Bowman's face.

A tiny Discovery rendezvouses with the arifact in orbit about Jupiter. Discovery is at center top of the art, casting a shadow to its right.

Keir Dullea in his spacesuit walks across the hotel room floor in this Polaroid.

Kubrick makes adjustments to Keir Dullea's spacesuit in the hotel room sequence.

A very large model of the hotel room sene in the finale of the movie. The model was suspended at an angle from the ceiling at LACMA.

Kubrick works on editing 2001 with his daughter Vivian looking over his shoulder. Vivian appears in the film in an uncredited role as the daughter of Heywood Floyd.

2001 Camera Slate