Welcome to Madras, Oregon.

Such sights were common throughout the area.

Various parking areas around Madras, all of them expensive.

Solartown was right on the centerline, north of town. There were possibly 100 to 200 thousand people camped out here. These photos only hint at the huge crowds.

An interesting ad for Solarfest, which did not appear to have the expected turnout.

One of the countless vendors throught the area with eclipse t-shirts, hats, jewelry, etc.

One of many events surrounding the eclipse.

Even the upholstery in our hotel room was in the mood for an eclipse!

Sunset the day prior to the eclipse. Sunday, 20 August 2017 at 20:13.

Kathy and David's kid Hero, all decked out with proper eclipse eyewear.

David checks out essential nutrition for an eclipse: the Moon Pie!

I thought a colander with a multitude of holes would be a great way to project the partial eclipse images, but the holes proved too small to be effective. You can see Cherie's reaction to my brilliant idea!

David and I simply set up our equipment in the parking lot, directly behind our cars, and within just feet of our hotel rooms. It was great to have access to a place to sit, not to mention air conditioning and food.

One of the several groups of eclipse observers throughout our hotel grounds.

It was cool to see one of the t-shirts from the 1991 Cabo solar eclipse!

Cherie and friends having a tailgate party.

Another eclipse group on the west side of the hotel grounds.

The sky grows dark.

Cherie oohs and aahs to our friend Debbi, who couldn't make the eclipse in person.

A champagne toast after totality. An eclipse tradition, but unfortunately no cherry juice for the champagne as we had in Turkey in 2006.

Several of our kids with their protective eyewear. Googles doesn't need any as her hair already provides the proper filter. Dippy, Sheer Con, Infy, Googles, Tully, Hero (visiting from David and Kathy), and Max Jr, who is our newest kid.

The view of traffic heading north and south on US-26 following the eclipse. I walked up to the corner where our hotel was to watch the gridlock on the west side. The view was similar on the east side of the hotel for US-97.

A telephoto shot showing the traffic stopped dead through central Madras at 13:30, about two hours after 4th Contact. Later in the afternoon I was able to make my way to the post office to mail our souvenir postcards, and that evening our group headed down to the Black Bear Diner for a celebratory dinner.

Cherie looks a bit tired after the day's festivities. Around the table: Cherie, David, Kathy, Pam, Vicki, David, and Glen.

The facade of the Black Bear Diner where we had our post-eclipse dinner.

Sunset in Madras, Oregon, on Eclipse Day. Above taken at 19:42. Below taken two minutes later.

Another view of totality from Monday, 21 August 2017 at Madras, Oregon.