Various pieces of memorabilia celebrating the eclipse.

Above: A total solar eclipse button


Below: A car sticker showing love for total solar eclipses in Oregon.

Two examples of total solar eclipse viewers from Eclipser (above and left).

Even Smokey Bear was in on the fun.

Ads at the Madras Safeway were definitely highlighting the eclipse.

An appropriate eclipse viewer that advertised the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

A special menu for the eclipse from the Black Bear Diner. Limited menus were used at several restaurants because it was thought there would be shortages of food.

A handbook for the eclipse from Fred Espenak, one of the most traveled eclipse chasers.

Commemorative Items from the US Postal Service

The US Postal Service issued the first ever thermosensitive stamps to commemorate the total solar eclipse.

Applying heat, such as from your thumb, changes the New Moon to a Full Moon, as shown above.

Two First Day Covers for the total solar eclipse stamps.

When opened, this special slipcover mimics a solar eclipse.

Below is the two-sided, multi-fold graphic packed inside the slipcover.


We have found that a great souvenir of special locations and events on our trips is to send ourselves postcards. Below are some examples from this trip.

And a very special postcard from our friends Pete and Liz, who were in Casper, Wyoming, for the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Posters

A neat series of posters from various locations across America.