On Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 10:35 am, a Moment of Silence was observed at the location of the Michael Adams crash site in the Mojave Desert.


On Saturday, 18 November 2017 at 11:00 am, a special commemoration for Mike Adams took place at the memorial site. This was followed at 3:00 pm that afternoon by the presentation "In the Line of Duty: Michael Adams and the X-15" at the Randsburg Opera House.


This page is dedicated to the memory of Major Michael J. Adams, and covers the various activities that happened on those two days, and also includes images of the newly expanded monument area and new display panels.


SPECIAL THANKS: Rob Enriquez, Greg Frazier, Bob Kline, and Domingo Gutierrez.

Mike Adams' nephew Dave Adams, and son Brent Adams, at the 50th anniversary event on 18 November 2017.

photo by Greg Frazier

Creating the "X" that will honor all X planes and their pilots.

photo by Rob Enriquez

Adding in the new frames for the enlarged display panels.

photos by Rob Enriquez

The new display panels are mounted the night before the 50th anniversary event. Bob contended with extremely high winds during the installation.

photos by Robert Kline

The entrance to the Major Michael Adams Memorial.

photos in this section, unless otherwise noted, are by Michelle Evans

Guests sign in for the Moment of Silence. The weathered display boards are seen leaning against the new kiosks prior to installation of the new panels on 17 November.

A gathering of guests.

Domingo Gutierrez, Tom O'Donnell, and Dave Stoddard. Dave worked on the X-15 in the XLR-99 Rocket Shop.

Tom Rosquin gazes skyward as a plane appears over the site.

A lone plane flies over in tribute to Mike Adams. He appeared to be following the same time and course Mike was following that fateful day of 15 November 1967.

The Moment of Silence at 10:35 am on 15 November 2017, fifty years after the X-15 accident that took the life of Mike Adams. At right, Greg Frazier speaks about Mike.

photos by Jake Barnwell, The Daily Independent, Ridgecrest

Dave and Tom. Tom Rosquin is known as the "Godfather" of aviation archeology, and is one of the people, along with Greg Frazier, who helped locate the X-15 site.

Dave Stoddard displays his mounted piece of X-15 no. 3 wing spar, recovered from the crash site area. Pieces are still being found today, more than 50 years later.

Examining the actual impact site of X-15 no. 3.

Greg gives thumbs up. He is flanked by Domingo and a Navy flyer from China Lake.

Cheers to Michael Adams, 15 November 2017, at The Joint in Randsburg, California.

(L-R) Tom Rosquin, Tom O'Donnell, Cherie Rabideau, Michelle Evans, Greg Frazier, and Domingo Gutierrez.

photo by Neil Shotwell

Michelle begins her first presentation of "In the Line of Duty: Michael Adams and the X-15."

photo by Robert Kline

Presentation by Jeff Scott of AIAA China Lake section to Michelle.

photo by Robert Kline

Michelle autographs her X-15 book at the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest.

photo by Robert Kline

Michelle talks with BJ Holden during the book signing. Cherie is behind BJ.

photo by Robert Kline

"There are no words to describe how awesome the entire event and experience was to me. I can hardly describe it to my sister and mother. Anyone attending your presentations on the X-15 and my dad will surely feel as if they know the man behind the suit much better. Thank you for caring about something that happened so long ago and keeping the X-15 program and my dad's spirit alive.”

—Brent Adams, son of X-15 Pilot/Astronaut Michael Adams

Part of the crowd during the official 50th anniversary ceremonies at approximately 11:00 am on 18 November.

photo by Robert Kline

Two of the new display panels.

photo by Francis French

A guest checks out the original monument. Brent and Dave Adams are behind.

photo by Michelle Evans

Vince Capasso and his wife, Mary. Vince was an X-15 Operations Engineer.

photo by Michelle Evans

Charlie Baker and his wife, Ulla. Charlie was an X-15 Crew Chief.

photo by Michelle Evans

Dave Stoddard with his special XLR-99 propulsion system chart he developed.

photo by Michelle Evans

Tom Rosquin with Vince Capasso.

photo by Michelle Evans

A guest with a special X-15 t-shirt.

photo by Michelle Evans

Greg Frazier with an official X-15 flight pass.

photo by Michelle Evans

Michelle begins the official event, talking about Mike.

photo by Francis French

Brent Adams speaks during the ceremony, sharing stories of his father.

photo by Robert Kline

Cherie and Michelle look on as Dave talks of his uncle Mike short-sheeting his bed!

photo by Robert Kline

Charlie Baker talks of his time on the X-15, and of knowing Mike.

photo by Greg Frazier

Rob Enriquez is the primary person responsible for the expanded Adams Memorial.

photo by Robert Kline

Domingo Gutierrez and his son. Emilio, donated all the food, as well as catered the event.

Mike Adams loved the outdoors so it was decided this was a great way to honor him.

photos by Michelle Evans

Feeding the guests after the main event. Everyone had a chance to check out the monument, the new display area,

and got to know others that were there to celebrate the life of X-15 pilot and astronaut Major Michael Adams, USAF.

photo by Greg Frazier

Rob Enriquez with Bob Kline. Michelle designed the new display panels, and Bob was responsible for the printing.

photo by Robert Kline

A sunburst through the metal American flag.

photo by Francis French

Michelle's "In the Line of Duty" presentation at the Randsburg Opera House.

The talk at 3:00 pm coincided with the 50th anniversary of Mike's memorial service at 3:00 pm on Saturday, 18 November 1967, at the Edwards AFB chapel.

photo by Greg Frazier

Part of the X-15 display materials at the Randsburg Opera House.

photo by Michelle Evans