Since the Adams Monument dedication in 2004, there have been major improvements accomplished with regard to telling the story of Michael Adams and the X-15. This includes the establishment of a series of display panels in a kiosk just north of the original Eagle Scout monument.


The first major upgrade to these panels was done at the 10th anniversary re-dedication in 2014. The panels were approximatey 2x4-foot in dimension, and it was hoped they would stand up to the harsh environment of the Mojave Desert. Unfortunately, this proved to be a difficult task, and the panels deteriorated.


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the accident which took Mike's life, a new display area kiosk was constructed by Rob Enriquez. This now allowed new, much larger panels to be installed. Michelle Evans modified and expanded the old panels, which were then printed on hopefully more UV-resistant Plexiglas by Robert Kline and the Orange County Printing Company. The new panels are 4x4-foot in dimension, doubling the available information area to tell this important story.


Below are images of the new display panels, and below them are images of the 2014 panels for historical purposes.

The Adams site on 18 Nov. 2017 with the new concrete "X" and new larger display panels.

photo by Francis French

Maj. Gen. Joe Engle Letter to Rob Enriquez

50th Anniversary Events Flyer

Ridgecrest Event Flyer

Randsburg Event Flyer

Adams Memorial Panel 1

This panel describes the X-15, its mission, and the pilots.

Maj. Gen. Joe Engle Letter to John Bodylski

Adams Memorial Panels 2 & 3

Panel 2 provides a background on Mike Adams.

Panel 3 describes the final mission and what occurred.

Adams Memorial Panel 4

This panel tells of the original memorial and how it came to be, along with a duplicate image of what is on the face of the Incolnel X panel created by John Bodylski.