Flight, both in the atmosphere and in space, represent the greatest achievements accomplished by mankind. Being stuck on terra firma, in basically a two-dimensional universe, always vexed the imaginations of people who witnessed the freedom of birds in flight. They were able to dive and swoop and see the landscape below from a different perspective that filled us with envy.

On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright changed us all forever. Even when flying very crude machines that clunked through the air at only a few miles per hour, they would draw crowds of thousands to stare in disbelief that we could fly as the birds.

We soon outstripped the ability of even the highest and fastest bird, surpassing even the speed of sound in less than 44 years, and then placing the first humans in orbit in only 58 years.

Soon our sights were set on even farther reaches: The Moon, Mars, and Beyond. We have stumbled along the way. (Who would have believed how the technology of Apollo was squandered and left to rot in fields as display pieces for tourists?) However, our sights are again lifted upward with a new push to return us on the path set so long ago.

The portfolios presented on the following pages are a sample of my accomplishments in chronicling the endeavor of reaching high into the air and for the outer unknown boundaries of space.

These photos and much more are available for acquisition by interested parties. Please contact Mach 25 Media for details.