Our OCSS group photo with Buzz Aldrin on 20 July 2013, the 44th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

We also had representatives from the San Diego Space Society and Tessmann Planetarium.

Photos on this page courtesy of Cris Smith and Bob Kline.

David Erbas-White brought his 1/72nd scale Saturn V to serve as the perfect background for the talk Buzz gave to our group.

Buzz gave us an excellent overview of his future vision of human space exploration. We want to thank him for taking the time to come and speak with us that afternoon during our luncheon.

Michelle and Cherie brought a cake to celebrate the 44th anniversary of Apollo 11 and their 26th wedding anniversary.

We had 30 guests join us for our celebration and Buzz's talk.

Buzz explained his ideas of cycling spacecraft between Earth and Mars on a regular basis.

His concept is now known as the Aldrin Cycler.

As the meeting was nearing an end Michelle presented Dr. Aldrin a copy of her new book, "The X-15 Rocket Plane."