George and Delia Bushor, Cherie's grandmother and great uncle. Benton, Wisconsin, 1943.

Martha, Cherie's great grandmother. 1910.

Mary, Delia's best friend, who was dating George.

Just two weeks old, Cherie is held by her mother, Marjo. The date written on the photo is incorrect as her birthdate is January 26.

A toddler in Gainesville, Florida

Marjo looks like she's ready to toss Cherie off the wall at Vista House in Oregon.

Enjoying the Florida sunshine outside Cherie's home in Gainesville.

Cherie (middle) camping with her sister, Connie, and father, Charles.

Checking out the trees.

Sitting on the trunk of the Pontiac. She called it the Grey Ghost.

Grandmother Delia with Connie and Cherie.

Hanging onto the jungle gym.

Pretending to be a panda.

Easter with dad in Minneapolis.

Practicing the trumpet for the school band. 1961.

4th grade class at Fridley, Minnesota, 1960. Cherie is in the back row, 6th from the left.

Dad's graduation in June 1952 from University of Florida.

Second version of 4th grade class portrait after a change of teacher. Cherie is sitting at the far right, and shown in the enlargement above.

First winter in Fridley. Having a bit of trouble with the sled.

Driving with her dad at Disneyland's Autopia.

At the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Exiting the pirate ship at the Peter Pan ride.

A giraffe at the San Diego Zoo.

Another camping trip with dad.

Peeking out the window in the trailer during dinner at the campsite.

A homemade trailer for more trips.

Enjoying the fire with her dad in the wilderness, on a trip to California.

In her bunk in the trailer.

A wheelbarrow makes for a substitute pool.

At home in Minneapolis in 1964.

Sitting with the miners at Knott's Berry Farm.

Breakfast with her sister and mother at Brigham City, Utah.

Petting the burros and ridin' the stage at Knott's Berry Farm.

Bundling up in Minnesota.

Horseback riding.

Cherie and Connie relaxing during a cross country trip.

Glamor pose by the fireplace in Fridley.

Family portrait in Brigham City.

The Littlest Angel. Brigham City.

On the beach in California, showing off their shell collection.

On the way to California, Cherie looks distressed about Connie and her doll.

Cherie's bed in the trailer.

Surrounded by pigeons at Mission San Juan Capistrano.

Connie and Cherie with Nutmeg and her kittens in Brigham City.

Cherie with her dad and sister at Mt. Palomar.

With her sister and mother in Tijuana, Mexico.

Marjo Parker and Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Charles Rabideau on their wedding day.

Family of Charles and Mary Alice Rabideau, prior to Charles meeting Marjo.

Cherie's dad is in the middle row, 3rd from left.

Cherie (in striped blouse) was the Historian of Future Teachers of America at Vashti School in Thomasville, Georgia. Teacher is Miss Reuter.

(from left, after Cherie) Darlene Stevens, Mellie Grimes, and Dorthea Moore.

Cherie (front row, 2nd from right) at the Junior Prom. Her friend Joan Samuel is in the back row, far right.

Cherie (left) was the President of the Library Club. Here she is mending torn books with the help of other members: Patty Young, Joan Samuel, Tracie Hardin, and Dorthea Moore.

All set for boarding school.

Yearbook photos of Cherie and her friend Cinna Stephens. Freshmen at Vashti School in Thomasville, Georgia

A hand-me-down dress from Connie. Utah.

Cherie and her dad at her nephew's wedding. Dexter, Michigan.

Cherie met up with comedian Red Skelton in Hollywood.

Surrounded by her kids while in the hospital.

Cherie at home with her kids.

At a cast party for "Darkside."

Cherie Rabideau.

At the landing of STS-5 on November 16, 1982.

Note the Space Shuttle Columbia is in the upper right.