This page provides a photographic record of the play as it progressed from script to stage to performance to finale. We start with the official Rude Guerrilla Theater Company publicity photos shot by Mach 25 Media and then revert to the first day of rehearsal.

RGTC Publicity

The Official Publicity Photographs for the Rude Guerrilla Theater Company (shot on August 2, 2005)

The Crew of APOLLO 18

Command Module Pilot

Lunar Module Pilot

Mission Commander

played by Vince Campbell

played by Jay Fraley

played by Ryan Harris

Gerald R. "Gunner" Smith

William C. Griffin

Edward S. Stone

Ed Stone (Ryan Harris), Bill Griffin (Jay Fraley), and "Gunner" Smith (Vince Campbell) are checked out in their Apollo 18 Command Module by Pad Leader Guenter Wendt (Michelle Evans)

Bill Griffin (Jay Fraley) is confronted by reporter Bob Hughes (Larry Scott)

CapCom [Capsule Communicator] Simon Lunney (Jonathon Mackanday) awaits word from the lunar surface

Gigi Stone (Jami McCoy), Bill Griffin (Jay Fraley), and Beth Griffin (Coreen Mueller) at a pre-launch party

Gigi Stone (Jami McCoy) and Bill Griffin (Jay Fraley) share a moment

Bill Griffin (Jay Fraley) contemplates the universe

Ed Stone (Ryan Harris) and Bill Griffin (Jay Fraley) in the simulator training for the mission of Apollo 18

Bill Griffin (Jay Fraley) in the Command Module circling the Moon, discusses the situation with CapCom (Jonathon Mackanday) on Earth

June 25, 2005

This is the first day of rehearsal at the Empire Theater. Compare the changes from the publicity photos above and the changes that will take place in the look of the actors, lighting, and settings from this first set of photographs until the opening on August 5th.

Vince Campbell

Jay Fraley

Ryan Harris

Jay, Vince, and Ryan

Jami, Jay, and Coreen


Bill is confronted by the Reporter

Coreen studies a Life magazine article about astronaut wives.

Director Sharyn Case discusses a scene with Jay, Ryan, & Vince

July 5, 2005

Ryan and Jay

Ryan and Vince

Jay and Coreen

Jami and Jay

July 16, 2005

Ryan and Vince

Ryan, Jay, and Vince

Larry, Jay, Ryan, and Vince

July 25, 2005

Rehearsal this evening was very exciting because it was the first time that the lights and sound were incorporated. Just over 10 days to go to the premiere on August 5.

Coreen and Jay

Jami and Jay

Ryan and Vince


Ryan and Vince


August 3, 2005

With two days to premiere, here are photos from our first full-up dress rehearsal. We have already received word that the opening weekend is sold out. This would prove to be the case with most of the performances throughout the run.

Jay and Coreen


Jay, Jami, and Ryan



Ryan and Vince

Jay and Jami

August 5, 2005

Opening Night at the Empire Theater. The show opened to a sell out crowd that were extremely enthusiastic after seeing the play. Following the performance, a special 50th birthday party was held for Technical Advisor Michelle Evans, who shares her birthday with Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon. Note that some of the photos in this section were taken by Jay Fraley and Dennis Gonzales.

August 6, 2005

Cast and Crew photo

(L-R) Michelle Evans (Pad Leader, Technical Advisor), Jonathon Markanday (CapCom Simon Lunney), Kristina Seitz (Assistant Director), Jay Fraley (Command Module Pilot Bill Griffin), Larry Scott (ABC News Anchor Robert Hughes), Ryan Harris (Lunar Module Pilot Ed Stone), Jami McCoy (Gigi Stone), Vince Campbell (Apollo 18 Commander), Coreen Mueller (Beth Griffin), Cynthia Hood (Stage Manager), and Sharyn Case (Director). Not present this evening were Heather Enriquez (Costume Designer), and Andrew Nienaber (Lighting).

The Technical Booth: Cynthia Hood and Kristina Seitz were invaluable running the lighting and sound during each performance.

Heather Enriquez, Costume Designer

In the cast dressing room there is a sign-in board that each person must sign each day to get credit for being at the theater. As you can see, some of the "signatures" can be quite inventive. This board reflects the final four days of dress rehearsal and the opening nights on August 5th and 6th (Friday and Saturday).

August 21, 2005

The Cast and Crew Party for Darkside in Laguna Beach

August 27, 2005

The finale of "Darkside"

The cast and crew sign-in board on the final evening of Darkside. Immediately following the performance, everyone pitched in to strike the set and prepare the theater for the next production to use the Empire Theater stage.

Jay starts the process of painting over the Moon background used on stage for "Darkside."

The sparse stage was set off by the Full Moon created by artist and cast member Jay Fraley.

Vince and Jonathon complete placing the Moon into total eclipse.

Larry holds the "weapons" used to "destroy" the Moon on the evening of August 27, 2005.

Jami sums it up for all of us on the cast and crew. Cheers to "Darkside" and an experience that will never be forgotten by any of us involved with the production.