March 28: Side, Temple of Apollo, Aspendos, Kursunlu Selassi, and Perge

The start of a great day of exploring the Side area

(Side is pronounced similar to "city").




One of many peacocks on the hotel grounds that greeted us.





Atilla is waiting for me to get to the bus so we can be on our way.

Looks like we're at Disneyland! These tractors take tourists from the parking area at Side to the entrance of the city proper.

One of the first indications of an eclipse passing through the area was this banner at the entrance to Side.

Passing the shops on the way to the coast and the Temple of Apollo.

Pam, Pat, and David near a satellite news truck.

The Temple of Apollo.

Many people planned to view the eclipse from this location. Although it was tempting due to the historic nature of the site, we felt it was better to stay at our hotel for the eclipse the following day due to the large crowds expected.

Walking to the Side amphitheater.

A design for a solar eclipse T-shirt from a vendor in Side.

Inside the amphitheater, NASA was setting up for a live webcast during the eclipse, with the help of the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Atilla provides his unique historic perspective on the amphitheater.

The drive froam Side.

The Roman Bridge.

Pat walks through a field of tall grass.

An aqueduct near Aspendos.


Camels for hire outside the park where Kursunlu Selalesi is located.

A beautiful setting for a great picnic during our hectic journey.

Jerry and Sandra enjoy their picnic lunch.

Atilla suggested this spot for a picnic and a bit of relaxation. An absolutely gorgeous location. We had a leisurely lunch, then explored the waterfalls and played with the local kitties.

Sandra enjoys the view.

Charles and Elouise chose the picnic to present me with a chocolate bar from a friend's company. I happened to be wearing my hat from the play Darkside that day, so it was especially appropriate.

Our baby camel. He's Arthur because he came from a Camel Lot.

David tries to get away!

The ruins at Perga.

With all these columns, it must have been the area where the accountants worked!


Local merchants everywhere.

An abandoned puppy looking for love and a handout.

The central waterway for the city of Perga.

A wall of a large building still stands.

The view from the bus as we return to Side.

Main street.

Infy, Tully, and Googles find a new friend when we returned to the hotel.

Now it all came down to the eclipse itself. After all the planning and preparation we had no idea how it would all come out, but 24 hours later, for better or worse, the eclipse would happen.