March 31: Topkapi, Bosporus cruise, and Spice Market

Aya Sophia with the ever-present golden arches.

School children visiting Topkapi Palace.

The Best Solar Eclipse group explores the treasures of Topkapi Palace.

The view of the Bosporus from the east end of Topkapi. The equipment in the middle of the water is constructing a new tunnel that will connect Europe and Asia.

The Turkish flag flies over Topkapi wall.

A spire at Aya Sofia.

Atilla tries to get our group to move along.

Simit anyone?

Leaving the dock area on our cruise of the Bosporus.

Atilla arranged for a private boat.

Charles admires the view.

Cruising by the Dolmabahce Palace.

Crossing under the bridge that links Europe and Asia.

The kids decide to take over the pilot house.

The Crusade-era castle at the upper bridge.

A freighter makes its way toward the Sea of Marmara.

A look back.

Aya Sofia silhouetted as we return.

Our island at Kizkulesi awaits our farewell dinner on April 1.

Our intrepid captain.

Entering the Spice Bazaar.

Atilla describes the Spice Bazaar and its wonders.