March 29: Total Solar Eclipse

At left is the artwork for the T-shirt that was specially designed for the "Best Solar Eclipse Group."



Total Solar Eclipse

29 March 2006

Side, Turkey


At right is the stamp issued on the day of the eclipse.

The Kaya Side resort on the day of the eclipse. This beautiful 5-star resort was our home for three days. The management and staff could not have been more accommodating to us and the two eclipse groups from Canada. The hotel opened specifically for our groups and we were catered to by the staff. The day after we left, the hotel closed until the summer season.

Pam Bloxham and Cherie Rabideau.

Atilla Mahir, Tour Guide extraordinaire.

Patricia Bush shows Michael Treder the view through her eclipse shade.

Special thanks to Space Camp Turkey, who loaned our tour group a Meade 8-inch telescope for solar viewing. Also, a special thanks goes to Mary and Kaya Tuncer for their initial support of this tour. Without their support this tour would never have left the ground. Kaya is the founder of Space Camp Turkey and his wife Mary is the founder of Global Friendship Through Space Education.

Jim Windlinger sets up his telescope.

Rick Gering checks the view through his video camera. Behind him are Michael & Al Treder and Jim Windlinger.

David & Kathy Lindquist and Pam Bloxham.

When the Moon has covered about 70 percent of the Sun, interesting things start to happen to the light. One of the first things to appear is that crescent Suns start showing up in the shadows of trees and bushes. Several crescents can be seen in the photo on the right, while people check out the phenomenon on the sidewalk.

Focusing a pair of binoculars on a white sheet produces a pair of crescent Suns.

Our tour group also included some nonhuman additions. Even the children must be instructed in the safe and proper viewing of the Sun during the partial phases.

The complete set of total solar eclipse photos are chronicled on a separate page. Click the composite photo above to transfer to that page.

Marvin Blaski checks out the view during totality. Note the distant horizon that appears like sunset, only this sunset can be seen during totality for 360°. Also, during the eclipse, the local temperature dropped over 15°F.

A view looking up and over the camera lens that took the sequence of photos above during totality.

Al Treder toasts a successful eclipse.

Atilla Mahir toasts the eclipse soon after totality ended. In his glass is a special eclipse drink: champagne and cherry juice. Cherry juice is a local Turkish favorite. The concoction was suggested by Cherie Rabideau and was a huge success.

Michelle and Cherie share an eclipse toast. Atilla is at the table behind us.

Soon after totality ended, this kitty joined our group. Considering the coloring of the cat, the name Eclipse seemed appropriate!

Cherie and I decided to inaugurate a new custom. Dipping into the Mediterranean during an eclipse. We both waded out into the water to share a moment between third and fourth contact.

Several members of the group all stare skyward to witness fourth contact, the end of the eclipse.

Real sunset on March 29, 2006, taken from the balcony of our room at the Kaya Side. On the left you can see the area where our group was set up during the eclipse. We were located between the two sets of flags at the boundary to the beach. At right you can see the clouds that started to gather at the end of the day. Our beautiful weather during the eclipse turned to clouds and rain the next day. Perfect timing all around!

I found the local equivalent to Moon Pies to hand out to the group after the eclipse.

The Kaya Side opened its doors specifically for our eclipse groups. That evening they laid out the most wonderful Turkish cuisine for us all. They pulled out all the stops.

Charles Mattox talks with Cherie during the dinner celebration.

Just one example of the decadent desserts that awaited us that evening.

Above, the chef and his crew deliver a special eclipse dessert, Baked Alaska with pistachio and strawberry ice cream.



After the meal, the hotel provided excellent entertainment with this musical dance troupe.

What a way to experience an eclipse, sipping champagne on the Mediterranean at a classy resort with a bunch of new friends. Eclipses are often remote affairs, requiring hardships that definitely were not found on this trip!


Thanks to everyone:

Marvin Blaski, Pam Bloxham, Patricia R. Bush MD, Michelle Evans, Jerry & Sandra Floyd, Rick Gering, David & Kathy Lindquist, Atilla Mahir, Charles and Elouise Mattox, Cherie Rabideau, Al & Michael Treder, and James Windlinger.