Meet "The Best Solar Eclipse Tour Group"

Mary and Kaya Tuncer

Without their generous confidence and support our solar eclipse tour would have never taken flight.

The tour group at Space Camp Turkey, March 25, 2006

Front: Michelle Evans, Charles Mattox, Al Treder, Pam Bloxham, Atilla Mahir, Rick Gering, Marvin Blaski

Rear: Jim Windlinger, Elouise Mattox, Sandra Floyd, Patricia Bush, Jerry Floyd, Kathy & David Lindquist, Michael Treder, Cherie Rabideau

In Memoriam

Kaya Tuncer, 1937-2012

March 22-23: Flying to Turkey

Heading east--crossing the Mississippi.

Crossing the Mississippi--close-up.

Awaiting boarding our aircraft to Turkey: the "Aydin."

Later in the morning, still chasing the Moon.

Waning crescent Moon over the starboard wing.

Sunset after landing in Izmir.

The early evening view from our room at the Karaca Hotel in downtown Izmir.

March 24: Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, St. John's Basilica, Izmir

Our group gathers at the upper amphitheater in Ephesus to start our tour of Turkey.

Marvin, Jim, and Atilla.

Jerry contemplates his next photo.

Another history lesson from Atilla.

The famous Library at Ephesus. My favorite spot.

Everybody's taking photos: Pat, Rick, Kathy and David.

Charles, Elouise, Jim, and Marvin inside the Library.

Sandra, David and Kathy.

A local cat plays with the Lindquist bear: Hero.

Myth says that this is an ad for an Ephesian brothel.

The main amphitheater at Ephesus brings out the thespian in everyone, as Pat demonstrates.

Rick climbed high into the amphitheater seats.

Cherie and Marvin (f/g) with other tour members on the steps behind.

Elouise with the giant amphitheater behind.

Storks have taken up residence at the top of the column.

An important stop on the way out.

The Temple of Artemis. One of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. This single column is all that is left.

Inside the Ephesus (Selcuk) Museum.

Mike checks out the model of the Temple of Artemis.

Sandra taking photos in the museum.

The Tomb of St. John.

Al makes a new friend.

Our group loved to ham it up for the camera. Pam, Mike, Charles, Atilla, Al, Marvin, Rick, Jerry, and Elouise.

Inside St. John's Basilica.

St. John's Basilica and looking outward to the town of Selcuk.

A Crusades era castle outside Selcuk.

Sunset on the road north to Izmir.

Our restaurant for dinner on March 24 in Izmir.

Our first dinner in Turkey together. Fast making new friends.