March 25: Space Camp Turkey

Cherie and Atilla with Veli Uluer, head of Space Camp Turkey.

Charles with Tolga Yildirim.

Tolga and Mevlude.

Members of the eclipse tour on Mars.

The tour group gets their orientation before starting on the simulators.

Charles lands the Space Shuttle with lots of encouragement from his "crew."

Pat takes her ride on the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU).

Kathy shoots Sandra on the 5-Degree of Freedom trainer (5DF).

Atilla is introduced to Googles, Tully, and Infy by Cherie.

Charles keeps his feet up on the 5DF while Elouise shoots photos.

Jim on the MMU.

Even I got to take a spin!

Faruk Dogan of SCT.

Cherie has separation anxiety on the 5DF, but once she's floating in space, she's having a great time.

Pam, Rick, and Jerry on the MMU.

David and Cherie on the MMU, while Pat watches the kids.

Marvin and Atilla experience the 5DF.

Charles on the Zero-G wall as Mevlude watches.

Marvin bounces along the Moonscape in the 1/6th-G simulator.

The Zero-Gravity Wall was very popular.

The Space Station Mobility Trainer (SSMT)

Jim and Marvin aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Rick, Al, and Mike run things from Mission Control.

Mission Control operations. You can see Elouise aboard the Discovery on the screen in front.

Charles and Sandra operate Mission Control.

Our filet mignon lunch at Space Camp Turkey.

Pat on the Multi-Axis Trainer (MAT).

Pam bounces on the Moon.

Our group gathers at the base of the Saturn V model that is the landmark of Space Camp Turkey.

Atilla joins NASA.

Rick checks out Kaya Tuncer's antique car collection during our tour of the Aegean Free Zone. This is a 1957 BMW Isetta.

Mike and Al discuss the antique car collection with our Free Zone guide, Gozde Okyay.

A highlight of the Free Zone tour is Enercon. They build huge blades for windmill power generating stations.

The nursery at the Aegean Free Zone.

The Karaca Hotel in Izmir.

Sunset from our room at the Karaca Hotel.