March 26: Aphrodisias and the road to Pamukkale

Fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice for the travelers.

Our well-traveled tour bus gets a good cleaning during a rest stop.

A guard at the entrance to Aphrodisias.

The Mandelbrot Tree.

A crypt outside the museum.

Didn't realize the ancients were so advanced!

In and around Aphrodisias.

Cherie and I await today's theatrical production.

Stray kitties were everywhere.

The Tetrapylon--The gate to the Temple of Aphrodisias.

The Stadium could seat over 24,000 people. An amazing sight.

David poses in the entrance to the Stadium.

We told Marvin not to lean against that wall!

Inside the Aphrodisias Museum.

Early Spring snow in the Taurus Mountains.

Our lunch stop on March 26th.

A great lunch. Afterward, Atilla shows Al the art of reading your fortune in Turkish coffee grounds.

Various alternative modes of transportation were often found on the highways.

A local wedding party.

The Richmond Pamukkale included a crashed UFO!



Our dinner group. Atilla and Cherie are waving as I retreat upstairs. Jim and Al look on.

Sunset from the Richmond Pamukkale on March 26th.