March 27: Hieropolis, Pamukkale, and Antalya

Pam at the ancient burial site of Hierapolis.

The site is a perfect grazing ground for this shepherd and his flock.

Al inspects a crypt.

Sandy and Cherie stroll through the grounds.

Entrance to the main street at Hierapolis.

The mineral springs at Pamukkale.

Walking out onto the formations is encouraged, but it must be done with bare feet to prevent damage. The warm water cools quickly as you move farther from the source and the deposits can be extremely slippery.

Marvin basks in the hot waters near the top of the formations.

Charles moves to the edge to get a good shot.

Kathy, Pam, and Charles find a warm stream in which to walk.

The Antique Pool where Cleopatra is rumored to have swum.

When left alone, the kids decide to take over the bus from Recep.

In the pool area at Pamukkale, there were numerous cats running around and being adored by the tourists. One cat in particular caught our attention as shown in the photos above. The kitty in the photo on the left is in Turkey, while the one on the right, sitting in front of the computer is our cat, Fluffy, who supposedly stayed home on this trip!

The long and winding road up the hill to the top of the Hieropolis Theater above Pamukkale. One of the best preserved and most intact ancient theaters, dates to at least 352 AD.

Next stop, an amazing Turkish carpet factory. Nestled in the scenic Taurus Mountains, expert weavers spend months and even years making a single carpet. Many of our party took advantage of our tour to acquire carpets that will be a remembrance of this trip for the rest of their lives.

Pat, Kathy, and Rick with a silk weaver.

The incredible carpet displays.

Some examples of the excellent workmanship.

Everyone is requested to remove their shoes and enjoy the luxury of these fine carpets.

Cherie makes a new friend, Nazir.

After wining and dining us, the manager starts to unroll carpet after carpet.

Sandra and Kathy: the happy shoppers. Some of the many purchases are seen rolled on the floor.

Pam shares some ice cream with a few friends.

The magnificent view from the factory.

A rest stop in Korkutelli. This location marks the western edge of the path of totality.

Jim tests his evil eyes to verify they work properly.

We stopped to visit with a nomad woman. We were invited to check out her home and the grounds she shares with her livestock. She also makes scarves and other items for sale to passing tourists.

Jim and Al show the wares they have purchased.

Cherie, Kathy, and Pam with the nomad woman.

Passing through the Taurus Mountains.

Our first view of the town of Antalya.

A fluted minaret. For the rocket scientists out there, it appears to be a Turkish Saturn 1-B!

A heroic statute of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

The ancient harbor at Antalya.

A view from Mediterranean Sea level.

Local boys play horse in a modern amphitheater.

The rough coastline.

After a long day of travel, we are greeted at the Kaya Side Hotel by a wonderful staff.

Everyone was offered special fruit drinks with a Sun motiff.

Our intrepid eclipse group had now entered the zone of totality and taken up residence almost exactly on the centerline for the March 29, 2006 event. We were all very happy to have made it this far, now it was simply a matter of enjoying this part of our stay while hoping for perfect weather.