Jul 2012 Sending Our Curiosity to Mars Getting the Mars Science Lab to the surface is a tough proposition


Jul 2012 Driving On Mars: Theres An App For That Using a "Scarecrow" to practice martian surface exploration


Jul 2012 Stretching Our Robotic Reach on Mars Curiosity's robotic arm will provide samples for the rover's instruments


Mar 2010 A View From the Top "Hubble 3D" comes to IMAX theaters


Oct 2009 Airship to the Future Flying aboard the Zeppelin NT "Eureka"


Sep 2009 The Astronaut as Filmmaker The final crew to repair Hubble talk about their experience


Aug 2009 Riding the Range with the Space Cowboys South Coast Plaza event draws hundreds


Jan 2009 Earthrise: The Spirit of Apollo In December 1968 the crew of Apollo 8 left Earth for the Moon


Jul 2008 Creating A World From Scratch WALL•E is a cautionary tale of the future, with an inyimate message for all


Jun 2008 Polar Exploration on Mars Phoenix successfully rises from the ashes of the Mars Polar Lander


Mar 2007 Dreams of Homegrown Spaceflight The Astronaut Farmer takes us on a quest for the grail of private access to space


Jul 2006 ET: A New Generation Redesigned External Tanks for the Space Shuttle are prepared for flight


May 2006 Chasing Shadows Half way around the world to witness a solar spectacular in Turkey


Mar 2006 Big Screen Trip to Mars "Roving Mars," the latest IMAX science film, captures the adventure of exploration


Jan 2006 "The Real Space Cowboys" A look at the early space program by Ed Buckbee and Wally Schirra


Oct 2005 In the Footsteps of Apollo "Magnificent Desolation" takes viewers on an unforgettable journey to the Moon


Sep 2005 Mission to the "Darkside" A fictional mission of Apollo 18 to the Moon is launched in Orange County


Jun 2005 Have Shuttle, Will Travel The Space Shuttle Endeavour takes shape at the Discovery Science Center


Feb 2005 Making Tracks: Stories from Mars Scientists and engineers from JPL share their stories from the past year on the red planet


Nov 2004 A Space Age for the Rest of Us Two historic flights by SpaceShipOne win the $10 million X Prize


Aug 2004 Gravity Probe B Takes Flight An educator's conference is held in conjunction with the launch from Vandenberg AFB


Jul 2004 328,491 Feet SpaceShipOne sails into the record books as the first private spaceflight


Jun 2004 "The All-American Boys" Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham takes an unvarnished look at America's space program


Mar 2004 Opportunity's Hole-in-One For the first time in 28 years, two robotic explorers are in operation simultaneously on Mars


Feb 2004 A Spirit of Opportunity Successful rover landing sets the stage for a new era of Martian exploration


Jan 2004 The Wings of Kitty Hawk The Centennial of Flight celebrates the genius of Wilbur and Orville Wright


Aug 2003 An Insider's View of the Space Race Gemini and Apollo astronaut Thomas P. Stafford describes his experiences


Jul 2003 118 Miles Up, 3 Miles Down Gus Grissom's Mercury spacecraft "Liberty Bell 7" is recovered, restored, and on exhibit


May 2003 "For Spacious Skies" Scott Carpenter tells about "The Uncommon Journey of a Mercury Astronaut"


Feb 2003 "We Opened the Door to the Future" The crew of Apollo 17 is honored on the 30th anniversary of their accomplishment


Jan 2002 Jason 1 -- A Well TIMED Launch A Delta II launch from Vandenberg lofts two science satellites to study the Earth


Dec 2001 "Baby Step to Space for Civilians" XCOR Aerospace hosts a media demonstration flight of their EZ-Rocket


Jul 2001 Paradigm Shift for Space Tourism Now that Dennis Tito has taken to orbit, spaceflight is closer for us all


Apr 2001 A 40 Year Perspective on Spaceflight Major anniversaries are celebrated for the first man in space and first Space Shuttle mission


Nov 2000 Gordon Cooper's "Leap of Faith" One of the original Mercury astronauts writes about his experiences


Jul 2000 STS-101: Mission to Save ISS Space Shuttle "Atlantis performs a critical mission to the International Space Station


May/June 2000 "Columbia" Prepares for the Future Space Shuttle Orbiter 102 undergoes major modification at Boeing's Palmdale plant


Mar 2000 Mars Exploration: Where Do We Stand? Questions are raised after the loss of Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Polar Lander


Oct 1999 Doing Science on the Moon Harrison H. "Jack" Schmitt discusses what can be done to advance Lunar science


May 1999 "Nothing in Your Life is Impossible" Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the Moon shares his experience


Feb 1999 Two for the Mars Road Mars Polar Lander and Mars Climate Orbiter embark to the red planet


Nov 1998 Facelift for the 21st Century Shuttle orbiter Atlantis becomes first in the fleet to receive new avionics