Mach 25 Media as an independent space news service, often supplies stories to other media outlets. Recent examples are our connection to, Space News, and Space Daily. Click the links at right or below to view a few of the articles. More story links are inserted throughout the Mach 25 Media web site.



Apr 15: Apollo 13 at 45


Jul 12: Sending Our Curiosity to Mars


Jul 12: Driving on Mars — There's an App for That


Jul 12: Stretching Our Robotic Reach on Mars


Mar 10: Hubble 3D Opens in IMAX Theaters


Feb 07: "Dreams of Homegrown Spaceflight"


Dec 06: "A New Light Shines at Griffith Observatory"


Nov 06: "Higher and Faster: Memorial Fund for Joe Walker"


Oct 06: "NASA's Vision Takes to the Road"


Jun 06: "ET: A New Generation"


Jun 06: "Discovery's Slow Crawl to the Pad"


Mar 06: "Fantastic Day: Solar Eclipse 2006"


Jan 06: "Roving Mars: The Adventure of Exploration"


Dec 05: "The Real Space Cowboys"


Oct 05: "Zathura: A Cosmic Adventure Worth Taking"


Sep 05: "Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon"


Sep 05: The Mystery of Cosmos 1


Jul 05: "Up on the Roof: IMAX Space Station"


Jun 05: "Have Shuttle, Will Travel"


Feb 05: "Aliens of the Deep"

Space Information Line

Mach 25 Media began a space news service in 1993 with the introduction of the Space Information Line. SIL was conceived under our original banner of Mach 25 Communications. This was available through a 900-number telephone service where callers could contact SIL and hear updates about what was happening in the space program. One of the most popular features was "This Week in Space History."

Several firsts were accomplished with the Space Information Line including being the first on the air with news of the Soyuz TM-18 collision with the Russian Mir space station.

The SIL service was advertised in magazines such as Ad Astra, Countdown, Final Frontier, and Astronomy. It proved popular enough that Final Frontier magazine started their own competing service in 1994.

This section of the Mach 25 Media web site provides a glimpse at the history of the SIL service through fliers, advertisements, and press releases.

Services available through the Internet or by subscribing to O.C.Space have since supplanted this type of service for space news, so please note that while Mach 25 Media still supplies space news to the world, the 900-number service shown here is no longer active.

Audio recordings and transcripts of the updates are available. Please contact Mach 25 Media for details.