Trantasia is a movie made in 2006 concerning a group of transsexuals who competed in the first-ever TS beauty contest in Las Vegas. It is an excellent movie that literally gets to the heart of the issue of being transgender in that they don't just focus on the glitz and glamor of the contest, but also show us the people and how they got to this point in their lives. Interviews with families and friends give compelling reasons for anyone interested in knowing more about transgender issues.

Some TG people may see this movie in a negative light due to the fact it focuses on beauty queens. Their purpose was to use their beauty to get an audience interested in at least listening to the issue. For that reason, I highly support this film.

The photos on this page were taken at the premiere party for the movie held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

Following the movie, many of the cast members joined the director for a discussion of Trantasia