The wedding platform, out by one of the pools in our condo complex.

Our first wedding day: July 20, 1987. We still wait for our equality under the law so that we may properly renew our vows using my correct name and gender. It has been a long and frustrating wait to be recognized as actual human beings in our supposed land of equality.

The happy couple.

The gorgeous and sexy bride.

The Wedding Party.

John Whiting, Michelle and Cherie;

(back row) Bill and Debi, and my mom, Pat;

(front row) my dad, Bryce, and stepmom, Celee, with their son, Ty.

Me and Cherie with Gene Kranz.

Meeting with my dad. November 2007.

Dinner out for our 21st wedding anniversary: July 20, 2008.

Cherie and I at our 28th meeting anniversary dinner: November 27, 2009.

Amongst the door prize winners at the Can't Stop the Serenity event in 2010.

At the San Diego Air & Space Museum with Cherie, Seyda, and Buse.

Birthday dinner at Green Field's in Long Beach. August 5, 2008.

Ray wrote a wonderful poem for my giant 53rd birthday card.

We consider this probably our most perfect day. Sunset at our hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the tiny northern California coastal town of Gualala.

September 28, 2009.

On the following day, squeezing our van through a redwood.

With fellow poll workers in Lake Forest at the November 2008 election.

Part of our activism on behalf of equal rights for all people took us to the office of congressman John Campbell. Unfortunately, on two occasions, Mr. Campbell blew off our meeting which had been scheduled and thoroughly verified through his office. His record of equality is not promising.

Aboard the Zeppelin NT "Eureka."

That pretty much sums it all up.