Mach 25 Media produces articles and editorials for magazines, newsletters, and online web sites. We also created advertisements and produced a telephone-based space news service.

Michelle Evans has completed a book on the history of the X-15 research aircraft that flew 199 missions from 1959-1968. She has also provided sections for a previous book on the X-15 and accomplished layout, design, and editing on the book "Space Tourism: Do You Want to Go?" by John Spencer with Karen L. Rugg.

Mach 25 Media conceives, writes, and creates video productions.

Productions currently available:

1. On the Way to the Stars

2. STS-26: America's Return to Flight

3. Apollo 11: First Steps

4. Voyager Outer Planets Tour: 1979-1989

5. Voyager and Galileo Computer Simulations

6. The Unforgettable Experience: The Great Baja Eclipse July 11, 1991

Mach 25 Media produces educational programs used in science centers, schools, and other institutions across the country and around the world.

Programs available include:

1. Continuing the Journey: Our Return to the Moon and Onward to Mars

2. The X-15 Project

3. 2001: Odyssey to the Future

4. Apollo to the Moon

5. Making Tracks: Stories From Mars

6. Ringworld Odyssey: Adventures of Cassini