Family portrait. Pat, Bryce, Debi, and Michelle.

Pat: 27 June 1930 to 27 August 2011. Bryce: 7 February 1928 to 27 December 2015.

Debi: 15 May 1953 to present. Michelle: 5 August 1955 to present.

With my mother and sister near our rose bed. I fell into those one day when playing catch, and became tangled, cutting myself very badly. I'm wearing my new glasses.

Playing with the blocks was epitome of excitement.

My mother, Pat, with Debi and our beloved Cocker Spaniel, Bootsie. She was able to eat an entire apple, yet leave every bit of the intact skin behind!

Mom holds onto her cowboy while Debi and Bootsie look on.

Playing cowboy with my sister.

Falling down, something I became adept at accomplishing.

Showing off our identical costumes at Christmas. Note the kangaroo pouches.

My dad worked on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb long before I came along.

Aunt Joan with Uncle Bob and their first son, Jim.

My grandmother, Pauline, better known as Mamo.

Our grandfather Warren Bainbridge was head of the First Methodist Church in Salt Lake City. For us kids, he went by the nickname of Dando.

My grandfather and Mane, brother in law to Mamo.

Dando with his Pontiac Catalina.

Posing next to his hero, President John F. Kennedy.

Juanita was my grandmother on my dad's side. Here she is at her home in San Diego.

Mamo and her sister, Mildred, in the backyard of my grandparents' home in Salt Lake City.

The old Airstream trailer on a camping trip.

Me and Debi with my grandfather.

My grandmother with Debi.

My first brush with fame. This was the summer reading group at the Upland Public Library. A reporter came to write a story about the program and this photo accompanied the article in the newspaper. I'm at the far right in striped shirt and wearing flip-flops.

Sitting for my first portrait.

Sharing the Autopia car with my sister.

Family, cousins, aunts, and uncles, with Debi and I on our father's lap.

On vacation.

Catching a chill with a brisk, cool, breeze.

Since all of my family was U.S Navy, I figured I'd better do the same.

Playing in the front yard of our home on Winn Drive in Upland, California.

Checking out the creek.

My first three-wheeled transport.

All dressed up for an Easter egg hunt.

Debi and I. She got the dolls and I got the giant bear.

The television/baby boomer generation.

Having fun with friends in a playground.

Enjoying a Coke on the lawn on a warm summer day.

My mom with our collie Lassie in the backyard of our home on Euclid Ave. in Upland.

A scout excursion to the beach. I'm standing second from left, and was the leader of the Eagle Patrol, Troop 603.

A field trip with the scouts.

Dad and myself drinking in Baja. Mine was a Coke and his was wine from the looks of it.

Riding around Baja on my Honda 90 Trail Bike.

On top of the Empire State Building, July 1969.



June 1973.

Aviation High, Redondo Beach, California. Next to me was my high school sweethart from Glenwood Springs, Pam Hundley.




June 1980.

Spokane Falls College, Spokane, Washington.

Aviation High School, Class of 1973. I'm at the far left, back row.

Close-up of the class photo.

My good friend Dorlinda. She's in the dead center of the larger photograph.

Several photos of Lassie and her daughter, Rontu.

Lassie was a rescue collie with a grand pedigree. After we took her in, we had her bred with Rudd Weathwax, who was the trainer for the television show Lassie. She had ten pups in May 1963, out of which we originally kept two, Kelly and Rontu, but eventually we gave up Kelly. Rontu stayed with us until her untimely death when she was about seven. Lassie lasted till her teens and passed away when I was away in the Air Force.

Lassie plays with Debi's new puppy.

Christmas morning in Goleta. Lassie is looking for her presents. December 25, 1971.

November 1974, the Concorde comes to Moses Lake, Washington for ice testing.

April 19, 1975, "Live long and prosper" from Birch Bay, Washington

Marvin Carson was my best friend in the Air Force. Here he is with a friend at a squadron picnic. He's ready to go make some earth-shattering announcements.

On a trip to California with me, Marvin takes stock of the situation when we visited Universal Studios.

Dad with his homemade Bugatti. Mike Upton is in the passenger seat.

Over Memorial Day 1976, Marvin and I met his parents for a weekend getaway near Grand Coulee. We stayed in a trailer park at the base of a tall cliff face, so we decided Saturday afternoon to take a hike up to the top. We made it safely, but rightly figured we'd never be able to climb back down, so we had to walk several miles to find a safe route back.


The photo at right was an unintentioned quadrupal exposure showing the various phases of our climb:


1. Looking up the cliff face.

2.Marvin scaling the top of the cliff.

3. Michelle scaling the top of the cliff.

4. Looking back down from whence we came.

And the story continues: