Finding a way to categorize every single photograph can be a challenge. This section highlights some of the photos that I enjoy having taken, but don't necessarily fit into one of the major areas. Here you'll see animals, far off lands, and even a landing on the Moon.

Space Camp Turkey

Working with Space Camp Turkey and the Global Friendship Through Space Education organizations has been extremely rewarding. Their program of bringing children from different cultures together to learn teamwork and friendship through space and science education is the only one of its kind in the world, and should be supported by everyone.

Space Camp Turkey was directly involved with our 2006 Total Solar Eclipse tour. Click the links for further inforamtion.


"Cultures Meld at Youth Space Summit in Turkey"

"Have Shuttle, Will Travel"


"From the Earth to the Moon"

From the Earth to the Moon was a 12-part miniseries from HBO. The scenes recreating the actual missions that landed on the Moon were filmed in a blimp hangar in Tustin, California. The Lunar Module is the only one of its kind – actually built to land on the Moon, but never flown due to budget cutbacks.

It was an amazing experience to be on the set and watch the filming take place. As you can see in the photos below, after dark, with only the "Sun" illuminating the scene, it truly did look like you were on the lunar surface.

Several members of the Orange County Space Society joined the crew of the miniseries as technical advisors. Mach 25 Media was there to record the event and to write stories about it for publication in O.C.Space and Ad Astra magazines.


"From Tustin to the Moon"