An all-inclusive transgender support group which provides support to anyone who is transgender, a family member or spouse, friend, ally, or just wants to understand.


Transgender includes all with Gender Incongruence:


Gender Fluid, Transwoman, Questioning, Transmale,

Cross Dresser, Intersex, Gender Queer, and more.



3rd Friday of each month, 7:30 to 9:30 pm


Church of the Foothills, 19211 Dodge Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705, 949-770-0702

TG Rainbow is a support group born out of the need for transgender people, and those who care about them, to have a safe place to go, to be heard, to talk, to learn, to understand.


Although we meet at the Church of the Foothills in Tustin, this is not a group affliliated with any religion. Anyone, of any faith, or no religion at all, is always welcome to participate.


See below for further information, links to other LGBT resources, and location maps. To the right is a list of the principles by which TG Rainbow operates.


TG Rainbow contact:


Michelle Evans


TG Rainbow Support Group Principles


We do not discriminate in any way against anyone. All are welcome. The transgender spectrum is a varied one, from cross dressers to the surgically gender affirmed, or anyone who is a gender non-conformist. Our choices at what time in our lives to deal with these issues will vary greatly, so anyone of any age must always be shown respect. We all have a different life journey on which we travel.


Being a spouse, parent, family member, or friend of a transgender person can be difficult. We are here to provide support and understanding in dealing with this situation in someone they love.


We will encourage the friendly and informative exchange of ideas. No subject will be off limits for discussion as long as there is interest among participants, and the exchange does not denigrate nor attack anyone within the group.


Religion and politics can often impact those who are transgender. We also know that many in politics and religion fully support us, so discussions of these topics should focus on specific difficulties and not in generalities against any group.


We must understand that some topics may have to be off limits at certain times because of the age of those present.


We support friendship and networking among all of our members. However our function is primarily as a support group and not as a social group. In addition, we are not a medically-licensed therapy group.


Intolerance will not be tolerated. We are about love and acceptance. Everyone must be comfortable with the discussion, and not feel they are being forced down any specific path.


As stated above, we are not a medically-licensed therapy group. However, we do provide support within our community from our peers and friends. It is possible that a licensed therapist may attend our meetings, at which point they will properly identify themselves as such.


• We are not here to support any specific product nor to sell anything to our members. We may exchange information on products, organizations, and facilities that are friendly (or not friendly) to our community.


We are fully supported by the Church of the Foothills. However, as stated previously, we are not a religious organization. Because of their support and use of their facilities we may ask for donations to help them defray the costs for our meetings, such as electricity and janitorial services. Donations will always be voluntary and never be required to attend any meeting.

Support Group Meeting Details


We meet on the 3rd Friday evening of each month. The room will be open from 7:00 pm for early arrivals, with the meeting running from 7:30 to approximately 9:30 pm.


Upcoming Meeting and Event Dates:


Note that at future TGR meetings Life Coach Anita K will be joining us to share her expertise with our members.

April 20

May 18

June 22 — (Note: 4th Friday this month only)

July 20 — TGR 8th Anniversary Party!

August 17

September 21

Special Resources

From the Outreach Department of

The Center for School, College, and Career Resources


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College Scholarships for LGBT Students


Special thanks to Emily Sorenson for providing these resources to TG Rainbow

Links and Partners


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Church of the Foothills


Day of Decision August 4, 2010


Day of Decision June 26, 2013

Maps to Meeting

Church of the Foothills, 19211 Dodge Ave., Santa Ana

Note on Parking


On your left, as you approach the church from Newport, and just before getting to Dodge, make a left turn into the preferred church parking area for our meetings. There is a handicap ramp leading to a door, which will take you directly into our meeting room.

See the third image below which shows exactly where the entrance is located. Turn into the parking area and go up the ramp to the door of our meeting room.

Our TG Rainbow Postcard