The following is a list of people for which I have conducted interviews for my book on the X-15. Names are listed in alphabetical order. Several of these people have been interviewed on multiple occasions and have been extremely helpful in my research. There are a total of 67 people and 79 interviews.

• Johnny Armstrong


• Neil A. Armstrong °


• Brent Adams


• Freida Adams


• George Adams *


• Bill Albrecht * °


• Thornton D. Barnes


Doris Barnes


• Lorenzo "Larry" Barnett °


• Florence Barnett


• Roger Barniki


• Paul F. Bikle °


Phil Brandt °


• Dean Bryan


• Stan Butchart °


• Vince Capasso *


• A. Scott Crossfield * °


• Sally Crossfield-Farley *


• William H. Dana * °


• Meryl DeGeer °


• Joe H. Engle


• Frank Fedor °


• Fitzhugh L. Fulton * °


• Billy Furr


• Charles Gerdel


• Byron Gibbs


• Don Hallberg


• Dr. Richard Hallion


• Bob Hoey *


• David Knight


• Gail Knight


• William J. "Pete" Knight * °


• Jack Kolf * °


• Eldon Kordes


• Terry Larson


• Wade Martin


• Charlie McKay


• John McKay


• Mac McKay


• Mark McKay


• Sheri McKay-Lowe *


• John McTigue


• Phil Moore


• Edward Nice


• John Painter


• Forrest S. Petersen °


• Bob Revert


• Ralph Richardson


• Daniel Riegert °


• Jim Robertson °


• Robert A. "Bob" Rushworth °


• Harry Shapiro


• Glynn Smith


• Dave Stoddard *


• Harrison Storms °


• Bill Szuwalski °


• Milton O. Thompson * °


• Jim Townsend °


• Daryl Townsend


• Donald Veatch


• Grace Walker


• Gene Waltman


• Lonnie Dean Webb °


• Ray White °


• Robert M. White * °


• Walt Williams °


• Jim Wilson


* denotes multiple interviews

° deceased

USAF Flight Planner


NASA X-15 Project Pilot


son of pilot Mike Adams


wife of pilot Mike Adams


brother of pilot Mike Adams


NASA Operations Engineer, Ship 2


Beatty Site Manager


wife of T.D. Barnes


NASA Crew Chief


wife of Larry Barnett


NASA Supervisor, Life Support


NASA Flight Test Center Director


USAF Navigator, C-133A


NASA Rocket Engine Shop AET


NASA Director of Flight Operations


NASA Propulsion & Operations Engineer


NAA X-15 Project Pilot


daughter of pilot Scott Crossfield


NASA X-15 Project Pilot


NASA Operations Project Engineer


USAF X-15 Project Pilot




USAF/NASA B-52 Pilot


NASA Rocket Engine Shop AET


friend of pilot Mike Adams


NASA Life Support AET


NASA Instruments Engineer


USAF Historian


USAF Flight Planner


son of pilot Pete Knight


wife of pilot Pete Knight


USAF X-15 Project Pilot


NASA Flight Planner


Research Engineer


Research Engineer


USAF Quality Control PSTS


son of pilot Jack McKay


son of pilot Jack McKay


son of pilot Jack McKay


son of pilot Jack McKay


daughter of pilot Jack McKay


NASA Operation Engineer


Radar site surveys




NASA Electrical Engineer


USN X-15 Project Pilot


Beatty radar site


USAF Pressure Suit


Instrumentation Engineer


NAA External Tanks, Ship 2


USAF X-15 Project Pilot


NAA Engineer, External Tanks, Ship 2


NASA Instrumentation, Ship 2 AET


NASA Rocket Engine Shop AET


NAA X-15 Manager




NASA X-15 Project Pilot


USAF X-15 engine and PSTS Technician


son of Jim Townsend


NASA Instrumentation Development AET


wife of pilot Joe Walker


NASA Simulator Engineer


NASA Simulator Engineer


NASA Rocket Engine Shop AET


USAF X-15 Project Pilot


X-15 Program Manager


NASA Rocket Engine Shop AET


* denotes multiple interviews

° deceased


AET: Aerospace Engineering Technician

NAA: North American Aviation (X-15 Prime Contractor)

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

PSTS: Propulsion System Test Stand

USAF: United States Air Force

USN: United States Navy